Property Step

A property step lets the test author inspect properties or attributes of resource representations.


  • Property steps are valid where representation is the context.
  • Property steps are not valid on top level.


If multiple valus are found for a property, the step will succeed if any one matches the expectation(s) and fail only if all values don't.


Strict property check

A test may require that a given property is present. If not, then a test failure should be reported.

With Class "Person" {
    Expect Property "name"

Asserting literal property value

An optional parameter can be provided, which instructs the client to compare it with the actual value of the property.

With Class "Person" {
    Expect Property "name" "John Doe"
    Expect Property "age" 40
    Expect Property "employed" true
    Expect Property "wage" 13.5

Supported are exact comparison of integers, decimals, booleans and strings.

Step into nested resource

A property step can also be a block.

If a property is not necessary for the success of the test scenario, it may be treated as optional, by using With modifier instead of Expect modifier.

With Class "Book" {

    // Book may have an embedded author resource
    // Use Expect Property if author is manadatory
    With Property "author" {

        // If it does't check that it has a name
        Expect Property "name"
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